Encounters and Accomplishment

            After the liberation of World War II, two major incidents were encountered and experienced by this unit.  First, was on March 1959 – when elements of 59th PC Company were on combat patrol, a fanatical group led by a certain komander Openiano engaged in a feirced fight at Brgy Bulak, Matag-ob, Leyte.  The fanatical group which revolted and fought against the government were armed with homemade shotgun and long-sharp bolos.  The group were able to inflict injuries to the government troops.  Three (3) EP were wounded and one (1) EP died on the spot during the battle.  Their leader, Kmdr Openiano and several members were killed.  The survivors were being charged in court and were convicted by the CFI now RTC.  Second, on 12 June 1967 – another fanatical group called group called “Anti Cristi”, a similar mission  and objectives of the organized LAPIANG MALAYA in Manila revolted and wanted to fight with the government troops under the command of CAPT DIOSCORO ALESNA PC.  Luckily, no casualties inflicted to the government side.  After the declaration of Martial Law on 21 September 1972, the unit was able to confiscate and recovered more than 2,000 pieces of assorted firearms both foreign and locally made thru vigorous and exhausted campaign against illegal possession and custody of FAs.  Other accomplishments were the arrest of numerous persons violating the provisions of the Revised Penal Code and other special laws such as fishery and forestry laws.  On October 1986, under the command of MAJOR RODRIGO F LICUDINE PC, another remarkable accomplishment were made.  First, was the encounter of the CPP/NPA armed group of Sitio Sumag, Brgy Biliboy, Ormoc City, wherein twelve (12) members of the NPA were killed to include their Commanded Francis H Torralba alyas Iking/Omar who was operating within Police District OO of AOR to include Baybay, Leyte area.  One INP member assigned at Ormoc City Police Station (already defunct) named Pat Rafael Legaspi was done injured during the encounter.  Numerous FAs recovered including a Russian made AK-50 assault rifle.  Second, thru massive information drive conducted by this unit to return to the folds of the law, one NPA leader named Comdr Melchor Hiangan, a finance officer of the NPA operating in AOR personally surrendered bringing along with him 030 M-1 carbine rifle with ammos, one (1) shotgun and bagful of subversive documents.  Third, successful operation against the robbers of Republic Planters Bank (RPB), Ormoc Branch on 21 September 1986, troops this unit killed three insurgents and captured two of their companions. Identified as Cesar Tarusa and Sixto Tayum.  Recovered items were: P106,000.00 Phil currency; one (1) baby armalite rifle; cal 38 revolver; hand grenade and several rounds of ammos.  Fourth the apprehension of three persons responsible in the killing of a security guard detailed at Tongonan Geothermal project and the surrendered of a couple Jose Casinong and Solidad Sumaljag, both members of CPP/NPA Education Department on December 8, 1986 at Brgy Mahayag, Ormoc City.  Congressional and Local candidates for election May 8, 1995 and Multi-sectoral Group (MSG) members signed a covenant Free, Orderly and Credible Election in Ormoc City, expressing their full implementation of the Police “KAUBAN” (Cops on the Block) program.  The brainchild of CD OCPC fifteen (15) Police Kauban Team were designated to different strategic areas within AOR; conducted symposium to different schools and organized the Students Crime/Drug Prevention Council; held a Peace Rally at City Plaza Stage Ormoc SK Federation in observance of Drug Prevention Weeks.  CD OCPC initiated the successful signing of Covenant Against Social Menace by local Officials, MSG, NGOs, Pos Religion Sectors, Civic Clubs, OCPC the just recently concluded Disaster Preparedness and Management Trainors Training Workshop Seminars to one hundred ten (110) District Chairman/Brgy Captains.



            Due to numerous accomplishments made by this unit, several sectors within the AOR were responded and expressed their appreciation by and in the form of giving commendations.  Five major awards were given by then Headquarters Philippine Constabulary (HPC) and Regional Command 8 which are the prized of and in recognition for being outstanding, selfless devotion and dedication to duty demonstrated by the members of this unit especially in the fight against lawlessness and in maintaining peace and order.  These were: (displayed infront of Administrative Building).

          1.         “PHILIPPINE CONSTABULARY PLAQUE”  -  Given last 8 August 1973 by former Chief Phil Constabulary, GEN FIDEL V RAMOS (AFP), fro having been adjudged as Outstanding PC Company of the year.

       2.         “CHIEF OF CONSTABULARY STREAMER AWARD”  -  given last 24 June 1975 at HPC, Camp Crame, Quezon City, for outstanding in unit performance in carrying out the assigned mission in the AOR and for having been selected as the best PC Company in respective Region.

        3.        “PLAQUE OF MERIT”  -  given last 8 August 1980 by BRIG GEN JUANITO T CABOBOY (AFP), Regional Commander, RECOM 8, Palo, Leyte as PC/INP RECOM 8 of the year.

          4.         “PLAQUE OF MERIT”  -  given last 8 August 1980 as PC/INP RECOM 8 POLICE DISTRICT of the year.

         5.        “AWARD OF MERIT”  -  given by former CPC, GEN FIDEL V RAMOS last 1 August 1983 for having been adjudged as POLICE DITRICT of the year (URBAN).

       6.     “MILITARY MERIT MEDAL AWARD”  -  given by former Regional Commander, RECOM 8 and RUC 8 Comdr, GEN BAYANI L FABIC to M/SOT Martin F Tamse (PC dtd 16 June 1986 GO Nr 77 HQS RECOM 8).

            7.         “MILITARY MERIT MEDAL AWARD”  -  given by HQS RECOM 8 GO Nr 119 para 6 dtd 06 October 1986 to:

                        a)  1 LT JOSE E FERNANDEZ PC          d)  Sgt Lowell F Biclar PC

                        b)  TSG Leonardo Poblete PC                  e)  SGT Gregorio Sab  PC

                        c)  SSg Eustaquio Olores PC

            8.         “MILITARY MERIT MEDAL with ANAHAW leaf AWARD”  -  given to M/Sgt Martin F TAmse PC, para 5 GO Nr 119, Hqs RECOM 8 dtd 06 October 1986.

             9.         “AWARD OF MERIT”  -  given by Hqs PC Leyte dtd 8 August 1986 for having been the Company of the year, PC Leyte wide.

10.             “CERTIFICATE OF MERIT”  -  awarded to:

a)     TSg Leonardo Poblete PC  -  Best Intel

b)     TSg Marcon Tabon Jr PC    -  Best CMO (Civil-Mil Opn)

c)     TSg Cesar Restituto PC       -  Best Opn

d)    TSg Francisco E Tobio PC   -  Best Admin

11.       “BEST CITY POLICE STATION AWARD”  -  given by RECOM 8 to Ormoc City Police Station, now the Police Precinct Nr 1 of Ormoc City Police Command (OCPC) Region wide in two consecutive year from 1993-1994.

12.       “PNP OFFICER OF THE YEAR”  -  given by RECOM 8 to SINSP ROEL B ACIDRE PNP, former PNP Mobile Force Commander, now defunct and absorbed to OCPC.

            13.       “CITY POLICE OFFICE OF THE YEAR”  -  given by PNP, Chief, NHQ PNP on the 30th day of January 1997.

            14.       “BEST CITY POLICE OFFICE OF THE YEAR”  -  given by RD, PRO8 on the 2nd day of February 2005.





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